Nigel has the most beautiful and relaxing way about him and I found myself entering a hypnotic state with ease. In just a few sessions he was able to help me access greater self confidence which I needed as I was on the verge of starting a new business. Since going to see Nigel, I have started my own company and am growing in confidence all the time.

Lara C N

I am very proud to have a growing list of positive results from clients, and here are a few examples:

I went to see Nigel because I had been experiencing pain in my right wrist for about 5 years and had been told by my consultant that there was nothing that he could do. during this time I have been prescribed painkilling tablets which I had to take twice daily. Nigel had recently learnt a new technique which helps eradicate pain. He then proceeded to ask me some questions and then asked me to imagine different things, I must say that at no time had Nigel fully hypnotised me.
The process literally took less that 15 minuets and my pain had vanished. I arrived with my wrist in a brace and left feeling no pain whatsoever and since that night I have not taken another painkiller, that was over 3 months ago.

Glen Russell

I highly recommend Herts Hypnosis and Coaching.?

My two mindscaping sessions with Nigel have had really interesting results.  Whilst being about the same overall goal, both were very different sessions.  A noticeable shift came about from the first session; I’m clearer-headed & more focused.  My goal seems more achievable & I’m also calmer, thinking more logically about things, less frustrated.  The sessions have had a lasting impression on me – I can clearly attribute the changes I’m experiencing to the sessions & the goal I worked on.

S J Puckeridge

My first ever session of mindscaping with Nigel was incredible. I didn’t know what to expect but Nigel instantly put me at ease and explained everything clearly. The whole experience is intriguing and hard to put into words but left me wanting to explore further.

A L Herts.

I wasn’t sure if hypnosis was what i needed, but after a couple of sessions, Nigel guided me to give myself permission to go back into my inner child. That gave me the opportunity to heal and release the old story i had been holding on to throughout my adult life.
If any similar thoughts occur, Nigel has taught me easy techniques which are very relaxing and effective, which i can call upon at any time.
This has given me a sense of freedom and a shift in life. Thankyou Nigel.

Vimala Edwards