I am very proud to have a growing list of positive results from clients, and here are a few examples:

Anxiety overcome

J. Herts

When I started hypnosis with Nigel I was unsure what to expect, I was riddled with anxiety about everything and anything. Working with Nigel was a hugely positive experience it has been life changing for me, I am now much more positive about the future ahead of me. I would highly recommend Nigel, positive, knowledgeable and so supportive of all that you would like to change. I feel free of anxiety and I am enjoying life so much more, sleeping better and able to practise positive self talk as well, I do not question whether to leave the house now I do, and I have started really cherishing the small things. Do not hesitate about trying hypnotherapy it can really help.


K Dunn

I had 3 sessions with Nigel and this was the first time I have been hypnotised. Sessions were very helpful and tailored to what I needed. Lots of useful material is also sent to you to help progress with the process.


Y Smith

My 3 sessions with Nigel were better than I had hoped for. He was calm and empathetic and I felt at ease straight away. I was able to talk freely and I felt he really understood my anxieties. He gave me lots of techniques to help me to manage my negative feelings but I think most of all he gave me confidence and a sense of positivity. Thank you very much Nigel.

Anxiety success

Alanna S, Hertfordshire Google review

I am writing this on behalf of my thirteen year old sister. I did virtual hypnosis sessions via Zoom with Nigel. I was still able to gain the full benefits of the experience through this process. I found Nigel Was able to coach me by using a vast array of techniques in his very calming manner. I have benefited greatly from these three sessions and I have learned techniques from Nigel that I can apply to everyday situations to help me cope with anxiety and stress. I would recommend Nigel and his services to people of all ages who are struggling with a whole host of things.

Stopped Smoking

NT, Hertfordshire

I'm absolutely fine, thank you, and cannot thank you enough for the life changing treatment. I have highly recommended you to my friends and work colleagues. Thank you again!

Stopped smoking

JB, Hertfordshire

Its going so well haven't had any cravings and feel so much better. i cannot thank you enough!

Weight loss achieved

Jane, Hertfordshire. Google review

The sessions with Nigel have been amazing! Amazing in terms of how successful I have found them. I wanted to lose weight. I am now losing weight. But what is so wonderful, is that is is effortless. I do NOT have to think "I mustn't", "I don't have the points/pro-points/syns/calories left" (Indeed, I have tried them all) or that "I shouldn't". I don't because I genuinely don't want to. I never feel hard done by or like I am denying myself anything. I simply just don't fancy eating that bit of cake, chocolate etc. The other side to that coin? I thoroughly enjoy what I eat without guilt. Nigel instantly made me feel relaxed, he listened to me patiently, worked with me and has helped me on the road to becoming the person I want to be. If you wish to lose weight and have tried many, many diets. Try this. This is what worked for me.

Improved Stamina for exercise:

Mark Carter- Hypnotherapist

I’m a trained Hypnotherapist and was looking for inspiration. Something to add to my skills. Through Zoom, Nigel sent me to my perfect Mind map where is was able to better myself. Hey, my goal was to gain stamina through a strong mindset. I hate cycling but since our session I am almost addicted. My resting heart rate has gone from 76 down to 64 and I’m still going in a matter of weeks. Nigel has a happy disposition which is infectious, and I can tell you now as a fellow therapist, he is fab.

Confidence improved and anxiety decreased

AH Google review

I highly recommend Nigel for all your hypnosis needs. Nigel is incredibly knowledgeable around a range of techniques and his approach is calm and warm. I recently saw Nigel for assistance with my confidence and not only have I learnt some brilliant techniques that I can take forward in life, my confidence has improved and anxiety has decreased!

Anxiety Success:

PB Herts

I went to see Nigel for anxiety and stress that I had been suffering for a few years. It was affecting my sleep, my work and my home life, and I regularly had migraine headaches. I had been on anxiety medications for some years which have quite a few negative side effects. After a few sessions with Nigel I felt a shift and felt much more confident and in control. It has been over 6 months now and, with the Doctors consent,  I have not needed any medications and I feel so much better. All the side effects I had before are gone.

Emotional Stress resolved:

I G Herts

Following some sessions of Hypnotherapy with Nigel, I realise that this has really helped my thinking process. It has enabled me to understand my emotions. A recent example was when I was put in a situation that I was able to realise what I was feeling and dealt with the situation far better than I would have done before.I felt really able to think clearly and found a resource of guidance from within myself thanks to your help with hypnotherapy. I would definitely recommend Nigel

Anxiety success

A L Herts

My first ever session of mindscaping with Nigel was incredible. I didn’t know what to expect but Nigel instantly put me at ease and explained everything clearly. The whole experience is intriguing and hard to put into words but left me wanting to explore further.

Clear headed and focus restored

S J Puckeridge

My two mindscaping sessions with Nigel have had really interesting results. Whilst being about the same overall goal, both were very different sessions. A noticeable shift came about from the first session; I'm clearer-headed & more focused. My goal seems more achievable & I'm also calmer, thinking more logically about things, less frustrated. The sessions have had a lasting impression on me - I can clearly attribute the changes I'm experiencing to the sessions & the goal I worked on.

Self-confidence achieved

Lara C N

Nigel has the most beautiful and relaxing way about him, and I found myself entering a hypnotic state with ease. In just a few sessions he was able to help me access greater self confidence which I needed as I was on the verge of starting a new business. Since going to see Nigel, I have started my own company and am growing in confidence all the time.

Mental Blocks and anxiety removed

Samuel Bennett

Nigel was able to help me to identify my deep-rooted mental blocks that were hindering my performance in daily life. Through the technique of mindscaping we were able to establish a vision of my desired life in 5 years time and to begin to work through the limiting beliefs that I had been previously unconsciously aware of. I wanted to improve my daily functioning and productivity which was hindered by anxiety. Since working with Nigel, I'm already seeing massive improvements in my mental clarity and productivity. I'm also seeing the results of my new empowered actions and mindset and the path to my desired life is starting to open up in front of me. Thanks, so much for your help Nigel

Anxiety and Painful feelings of loss resolved

Sydney Shaw

Wow I had hypnotherapy with Nigel around anxiety and painful feelings of loss. Nigel used mindscaping and other hypnotherapy techniques and the release I am feeling is amazing. I would highly recommend and cannot wait for my follow up session I am feeling lighter and much more positive.

Regression to heal inner childhood trauma

Vimala Edwards

I wasn't sure if hypnosis was what i needed, but after a couple of sessions, Nigel guided me to give myself permission to go back into my inner child. That gave me the opportunity to heal and release the old story i had been holding on to throughout my adult life. If any similar thoughts occur, Nigel has taught me easy techniques which are very relaxing and effective, which i can call upon at any time. This has given me a sense of freedom and a shift in life. Thankyou Nigel.

Chronic pain eradicated

Glen Russell

I went to see Nigel because I had been experiencing pain in my right wrist for about 5 years and had been told by my consultant that there was nothing that he could do. during this time I have been prescribed painkilling tablets which I had to take twice daily. Nigel had recently learnt a new technique which helps eradicate pain. He then proceeded to ask me some questions and then asked me to imagine different things, I must say that at no time had Nigel fully hypnotised me. The process literally took less that 15 minutes and my pain had vanished. I arrived with my wrist in a brace and left feeling no pain whatsoever and since that night I have not taken another painkiller, that was over 3 months ago. I highly recommend Herts Hypnosis and Coaching.
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