BS . Hertfordshire

Danika Penny
May 12, 2021
AE – Bedfordshire
August 1, 2021

I visited Nigel for a course of three hypnotherapy sessions to address insomnia brought on by anxiety. Prior to this, we had a phone call in which I explained my issues, meaning that as soon as we sat down, Nigel could jump straight into targeted therapy, which I appreciated. I had doubts about whether I could be hypnotised and was slightly apprehensive, but Nigel put me at ease with a series of exercises to help me relax and focus. I found the hypnotherapy itself far easier than expected and came out of my first session with this wonderful sense of calm that I hadn’t felt for a long time. Nigel encouraged feedback following each session, which meant we could adapt and hone in on the root cause, work through it and then learn techniques for reducing anxiety. One of the many unexpected and joyful benefits of my sessions was learning how to access hidden childhood memories. Before my hypnotherapy, I’d typically suffer insomnia three or four nights each week. In the seven weeks after my first session, I can honestly say that I’ve only had two sleepless nights, which to me is an incredible success. Furthermore, the sense of calm I walked away with after my first session has never really left me. I wouldn’t hesitate to see Nigel again if ever I needed to, and I’ve already recommended him to several of my friends. Thank you, Nigel!

Thanks again, Nigel, for everything. It really has changed my life.