Danielle Brown

F. Althamer
April 23, 2021
Danika Penny
May 12, 2021

I booked with Nigel as I was experiencing severe nervousness when meeting new people. I had just set up my counselling practice and as you can imagine this is not ideal. I would be overcome with fear and having panic attacks almost daily. Nigel is exactly the sort of person I wanted to talk with, he is genuine, humble and kind with such great professional insights into hypnotherapy.
In the first session I was nervous to know the outcome but also didn’t know if any of the techniques would work with me, however in a short space of time I was relaxed and my anxieties put to rest.
I use the small exercises he taught me almost daily and have had huge success in my career with a great helping hand from Nigel, the week after my first session I actually completed a full day of meeting new people and then went on to give a talk to a large school with no anxiety at all! I must admit I wondered what happened 🙂 and where my anxiety had gone, to shortly realise I was once again in the front seat of my own life and I thank you Nigel for helping to empower me once again!
I cannot recommend Nigel enough, if you are thinking about booking…don’t… just do it.
Warmest regards and wishing you all the success in the future Nigel, Danielle x