Glen Russell

Vimala Edwards
May 28, 2020

I went to see Nigel because I had been experiencing pain in my right wrist for about 5 years and had been told by my consultant that there was nothing that he could do. during this time I have been prescribed painkilling tablets which I had to take twice daily. Nigel had recently learnt a new technique which helps eradicate pain. He then proceeded to ask me some questions and then asked me to imagine different things, I must say that at no time had Nigel fully hypnotised me.
The process literally took less that 15 minutes and my pain had vanished. I arrived with my wrist in a brace and left feeling no pain whatsoever and since that night I have not taken another painkiller, that was over 3 months ago.
I highly recommend Herts Hypnosis and Coaching.