Jane, Hertfordshire. Google review

Mark Carter- Hypnotherapist
July 19, 2020
JB, Hertfordshire
December 23, 2020

The sessions with Nigel have been amazing! Amazing in terms of how successful I have found them. I wanted to lose weight. I am now losing weight. But what is so wonderful, is that is is effortless. I do NOT have to think “I mustn’t”, “I don’t have the points/pro-points/syns/calories left” (Indeed, I have tried them all) or that “I shouldn’t”. I don’t because I genuinely don’t want to. I never feel hard done by or like I am denying myself anything. I simply just don’t fancy eating that bit of cake, chocolate etc. The other side to that coin? I thoroughly enjoy what I eat without guilt. Nigel instantly made me feel relaxed, he listened to me patiently, worked with me and has helped me on the road to becoming the person I want to be. If you wish to lose weight and have tried many, many diets. Try this. This is what worked for me.