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Visual perception & focus for the relief of anxiety and worries

Anxiety is analogue, therefore not just on and off. In other words, it can start as a small amount of anxiety which can grow, rather like a snowball rolling down a hill. Another good way to consider it is to think of a dimmer switch for a light; on a little or up to fully on. If we leave anxiety to grow sufficiently, it transforms from a small worry into a much more intense crisis as your fight or flight reaction is triggered. There are a number of quick and easy techniques for dealing with anxiety and breaking its pattern. Hypnosis gives you the key to break the old pattern of thinking those anxious thoughts and instead, gain the ability to think more positively and confidently about a situation. This enables you to be free from the negative thought pattern that you may have experienced.

Together we will assess the cause and triggers of the anxious feelings and whether their origins are from a past experience, or a current situation, a relationship or physical issue. I will then help you to determine how you would like to behave and feel instead. The things you would like to do in your life being free from the anxiety. I will support you with a range of techniques to take with you as you continue building yourself up to achieve your desired outcome.

As a result of your session you may feel more confident and feel more relaxed about your ability to handle situations. Often, clients also report that they are enjoying better uninterrupted sleep at night, thus improving their ability to function throughout the day. It is important to note that treating anxiety can be complex and clients may experience release of some supressed emotions before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As in all Hypnotherapy, the client and therapist work together in collaboration to achieve the best results, and there can be some homework for the client to do in order to fully benefit.

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