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Self-Confidence & Self Esteem

At the root cause of so many life limiting blockages and anxieties is the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. You don’t have to be turned into an instant extrovert to have self confidence to stand up and make a speech. A lot of people who have reached levels of achievement are not necessarily massively outgoing by nature, but they do have a great sense of self confidence.

Self esteem is the essential element to like yourself, to love yourself and to be comfortable in being yourself.

Imagine having the sense of freedom to express your feelings and to treat yourself and your body with respect.

Many issues that people face such as bad habits, overeating, drinking or smoking can relate to a lack of self-esteem. They may build a psychological wall around themselves and push others away because they fear allowing someone to get close to them in a relationship, or to be open with them for fear of rejection or having fun poked at them.

One of my favourite sayings by Marisa Peers is “I am enough” if you can have your internal voice confidently saying that “I am enough”…where it be good looking enough, clever enough, qualified enough or whatever enough, then you will be on track to be able to shrug off any negativity of others.

With Hypnotherapy I will talk with your unconscious mind and coach it to be confident and to regain that self esteem that will make you feel free again to be your wonderful authentic self.

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