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Stop Smoking

I used to smoke when I was a young teenager and into my mid twenties, so I know what it is like to smoke, and to successfully give up and feel all the benefits. Do you refer to yourself as a smoker? That is a negative label to own, as opposed to someone who smokes cigarettes.

Hypnosis to stop smoking has been proven to be very effective. It is important for you to really have thought about your motivation to quit. The motivation for quitting is the key that I will work with to help you to unlock and break those negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking.

for example, stress relief. People who smoke often mistakenly quote that smoking helps to calm them down. The nicotine is actually a strong stimulant. The act of taking time out to take some deep breaths is the stress relief element that people benefit from, but the nicotine stimulant that accompanies that time out and deep breathing is the part of the behaviour pattern that can be stopped.

Negative behaviours linked to the body getting a nicotine induced rush are usually the reason behind people not being successful when trying to give up smoking with nicotine replacement; like Patches, gums or tablets.

These patterns are embedded in your unconscious mind, which creates a battle between your conscious (the desire to stop) and unconscious (need for the next nicotine fix).

When you work with me, I will use various techniques, including hypnosis to communicate with your unconscious mind and empower it to give agreement to stopping smoking. I will also create an aversion to the taste and smell of cigarettes. These techniques will empower you to easily find that you no longer need to smoke and that you find it easier to stop smoking than you ever imagined before.

After your improved health, one of the biggest benefits of stopping smoking is an improvement in the health of your bank balance. At close to £10 for a packet of 20 cigarettes, you will save yourself approx. £300 a month if you smoked around 20 cigarettes a day, that's £3,640 per year. Within one month your smoking cessation hypnotherapy session will have paid for itself.

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