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Sleep is a nutrient to the body, and lack of sleep or interrupted sleep can be a real drain on our emotional wellbeing.

Imagine the feeling when you can fall asleep quickly and easily, when
it is the appropriate time to do so, and to sleep through uninterrupted
until it is time to wake up ?

Some sleep problems can be related to an obvious cause, while others may not.

If you are unsure why you are experiencing insomnia, I can
communicate with your unconscious mind by using a range of hypnotherapy
techniques and discover the root cause. Once this has been established,
I can deal with any underlying problems so that you can and assist in
resuming healthy sleep habits.

If you have suffered from insomnia for a long period of time, the sleep patterns can become embedded in your unconscious mind. During hypnosis I will communicate with your unconscious mind and together we can promote a positive change so that you can finally begin to enjoy sleeping well.

Still wide awake or want a taste of hypnosis?

Download my "Wonderful Sleep" MP3 track today, which could help you to naturally drift off to sleep. (This will be discounted from your first hypnotherapy session).

Insomnia is a global epidemic in the industrialised world. It is the inability to regularly fall to sleep and/or remain asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next day.

You may be experiencing insomnia if you

- Find it hard to fall to sleep

- Wake up a number of times during the night

- Lie awake at night

- Wake up early and can't get back to sleep

- Find it difficult to concentrate because you're tired

It is possible to have these symptoms for months or even years, which may lead you to believe that this is just normal for you, that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way.

Treating insomnia is a great opportunity to teach you self-hypnosis techniques to help you relax, drift off to sleep and continue to reinforce those positive changes.

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