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Welcome to Hypnosis by Nigel Edwards


Hypnosis & Coaching to transform your life

Overcome Your Anxiety, Fears And Bad Habits
With Hypnosis. I Can Help You To Feel Free &
Quickly Take Back Control Of Your Life.

Take Back Control Of Your Life

If you’re ready to harness the power of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you’ve come to the right place.

Nigel Edwards is trained in some of the most up to date techniques in an evidenced based approach to Hypnosis.

Your hypnotherapy experience is tailored to you. Click here to schedule your FREE Hypnosis Discussion Session

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About Nigel Edwards

I am Nigel Edwards, A qualified Hypnotherapist Cert Hyp CS based in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

I have been trained in some of the most up to date techniques in an evidenced based approach to Hypnosis.

I have studied the mind for a number of years and have also gained
certification with MMHA in advanced Hypnotherapy techniques and
Mindscaping with the world-famous Hypnotist Mike Mandel. I also have
certification in EFT. Over many years I have been involved in coaching
and in mentoring for adults & children.

Philosophy and approach:

It is my aim to treat each person who comes to see me as an individual. I tailor my approach to suit the ways you think and perceive the world. So, when you are ready to make a change, all you need to do is go ahead and schedule your appointment.

Welcome to UK Hypnosis and Coaching

Your inner voice

How your inner voice speaks with you is really important. Does it speak to you in a positive and encouraging way, just as you would like to be coached in an empowering way by someone?

if you find your inner voice has a habit of being negative, just imagine how much better you could feel and more positive life could be if you could change that. Hypnotherapy coaches your unconscious mind to help you learn new, and better habits, to break those negative patterns of the past.

What do you want to change today?


Anxiety is analogue, therefore not just on and off. In other words, it can start as a...

Self-Confidence & Self Esteem

At the root cause of so many life limiting blockages and anxieties is the lack of...

Weight Loss

I like to use empowering language. Weight loss is losing something and typically...

Overcome Fears and Phobias

The fear of elevators/lifts is related to the fear of being trapped and is called...

Stop Smoking

I used to smoke when I was a young teenager and into my mid twenties...

Pain Relief

Old pain can be described like a fire alarm that is still running long after...

Sleep Issues

Relief from insomnia and sleep issues to improve sleeping patterns...


Whilst Hypnosis cannot claim to be a cure of depression, it can...

The Hypnosis process: If you are ready for change,
then take action now.

The process isn’t magic, however the results can be magical.

● How to get results immediately even if willpower has failed

in the past

● An experience tailored specifically to you.

● Profound hypnotic experiences so you know how and why

the process is working for you.

● Rapid self-hypnosis strategies that give you back control

(no long term therapy needed with me).

● Stop overthinking your problem, get started now.

Click here to schedule a FREE Hypnosis Discussion Session to set a plan for your success.

How do Zoom sessions work?

  • I have used Zoom to work with all my clients ever since I opened my business.

  • Many of the most successful hypnotists around the world do so entirely online because it provides so many advantages to the client.

  • You get to experience the benefits from the session immediately in your own comfort zone. In the comfort of your own home.

  • I'm really good at helping you feel at ease in this virtual setting.

  • People love connecting through Zoom because it's extremely reliable and very easy to use and it lets you meet with me from the comfort of your own home. I'm here to guide you through the entire process if you need help (you probably won't).

  • When you book your session, I'll email you a private and secure link to the session.

  • When it's time for our appointment, you simply click the link and you're immediately transferred to a private Zoom room with just you and me.

  • IMPORTANT: Only people who have this secret link can get into our Zoom session. You're the only person I share the link with. Each client gets their very own link.

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Click here to schedule a FREE Hypnosis Discussion Session to
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